Introduction, Military Children

Home….. What is Home?

I was inspired to start my blog in order to give readers a feel of what it is like to grow up as a military child, who are also referred to as “military brats,” from the viewpoints actual military children such as myself.  Military brats aren’t born into ordinary lives such as most children.  They are forced to deal with the constant adjustment of moving to a new place as a result of their parent(s) being stationed in a different place.  When moving to a different place, military children are forced to make new friends, basically having to start a new life.  This constant moving has a tendency of taking a toll on military children.  As a result of this constant change, it is difficult for military brats to make and become close to friends.

I am currently a college student who was raised as a military brat.  In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, working out, and playing sports.  I consider myself to be a social and outgoing.  I rarely ever find myself alone.  I enjoy being in the company of others and meeting new people.  I believe that all people are interesting in their own way and can hold an interesting conversation.  I also feel that it never hurts to start a conversation with someone, because socializing with a random person could be the one thing that brightens up that person’s day.

The meaning of my title, “Home….. What is Home?”, is to give readers an idea of what military brats think of the word “home.”  Since military brats move constantly and have lived in many places, we often have a weird description of the word home.  To the average child, home is where they were born and raised for a majority of their life.  Most military brats, on the other hand, have lived in many places and don’t really have a place that they can call home.  Personally, I believe home is wherever your friends and family are.  As a result, I can not label one specific place as home.  I have many places that I call home.